Teach Your Kids the Basics of Hula Hooping

Two colourful and fun lessons with SpinJoy!

Teach your kids how to spin their new hula hoops with two easy to follow instructional videos: 1 x instructional video ‘How to Hula Hoop on Your Waist’ (12 minutes) 1 x instructional video ‘How to Hula Hoop on Your Arms’ (4 minutes). These videos are specifically targeted at children and have simple instructions that teach kids how to pick a good size hula hoop, how to spin a hula hoop on their waist, stopping the hula hoop from falling down, spinning the hoop on their arms and some fun challenges to do with these tricks!
  • Let's Get Spinning!

    Teach your kids the basics of getting started with their hula hoops with these fun, easy to follow videos.

  • An Experienced Hoop Teacher

    Caitlyn (aka. SpinJoy) has been teaching children to hula hoop for over 7 years. She has taught hundreds of children in schools all over Australia. She's taught kids as young as 3 all the way up to some big kids at 89!

  • More to Come

    If your kids love to hoop, check back here shortly as we'll be offering heaps more awesome kids hooping activities soon.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    SpinJoy Kids - Let's Hoop!

    • How to Hula Hoop On Your Waist

    • How to Hula Hoop On Your Arms

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